24 Hours With Justin Bieber – A Day In The Life Of The Biebs

We’d pay a ridiculous amount of money

– hell, we’d even sell our granny – to get to spend a whole 24hours with Justin Bieber. Here’s a little sneak preview of what a day in the life of JB MIGHT be like…

1. Every good morning starts with a nice refreshing shower – not a bad view, either!

JB knows you need a power shower of a morning to wake you up – we’ll scrub your back if you like? Picture: Instagram









 2. Once he’s picked out an outfit, Biebs hops on his private jet to see what adventure the day holds

Because why take a taxi when you can fly wherever you want in luxury, right? Picture: Instagram


3. A casual bit of death-defying action is to be expected when you hang out with Justin…

Jumping off cliffs isn’t recommended – we’ll leave this one to the pros, ta babe. Picture: Splash











4. You’ve flown off to an exotic location – of course you need to get a tan… all over.

No-one likes tan lines, after all! Picture: Instagram



5. Hanging out with a pop superstar means you might get lapped – a disguise is a must-have.

Justin’s got a whole host of paparazzi-avoiding gear he could lend you. Picture: Splash










 6. JB’s celeb pals might pop in to say hi – and he’s got a LOT of them

As if hanging out with Justin freaking Bieber wouldn’t be enough, some of his A-list pals are BOUND to pop in and say hello too. Picture: Instagram


7. You’ve got to make time in your day to work out – a body this chiselled doesn’t come cheap!

Yeah, we hate the gym too, but with a gym buddy like this we could PROBABLY make an exception and drag ourselves along once or twice. Picture: Instagram






8. Once you’re done pumping iron, you GOTTA take a selfie to make sure you’re looking HAWT

Yep, work those angles. #PutAFilterOnIt Picture: Splash




9. Being a big brother comes with responsibilities, so making time for your siblings is a must

And when they’re as cute as Jazmyn and Jaxon, how could you say no to those little faces? Picture: Instagram







10. By this point of the day you’re going to want to take a moment of peace and quiet for yourself

#Pensive. Picture : Instagram





11. One of Justin’s favourite hobbies is to do a bit of hiking, so you’d best bring sensible shoes

He’s a regular at Runyon Canyon in LA – he loves a walk, does the Biebs. Picture: Splash






12. Popping into the studio to lay down a track or two has to happen – he’s gotta earn a living!

It’s not all play and no work being one of the biggest selling artists of the moment, y’know. Picture: Instagram




13. What better way to get back from the studio than on a quad bike. Might be good to get a helmet…

Yep, risking life and limb is part and parcel of spending the day with Justin, but it is a LOT of fun, too! Picture: Instagram



14. With a tattoo collection as impressive as Justin’s, stopping in to get inked is bound to happen.

Make like Jus and stick to a black and grey palette, we’re BIG fans of his shaded sleeve design.





15. It’s getting late, but the night is still young… time for Karaoke!

You’ll get to show off your vocal skillz alongside the likes of the Rixton boys too – could this day possibly get ANY better?

16. After a hectic day, you’re gonna wanna snuggle – and with a hotty in your arms you’re winning. #SEXY

We’re calling dibs on being the little spoon. Picture: Instagram



17. You can’t go to bed without a nice bubble bath at the end of the day – we’ll get the candles.

Bubble beards are optional. Picture: JustinBiebershots





18. Zzzz – time to get to sleep ready to do it ALL again tomorrow.

No-one can say a day with the Biebs is boring, but DEAR GOD is it tiring. Phew. See you in the morning, Justin! Picture: Instagram


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